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NPA specialises in a diverse range of real estate services. From beachside and beachfront off-the-plan sales to the resale of established apartments from our exclusive projects, we excel in connecting clients with their ideal homes.

Our expertise extends to building management and residential leasing, ensuring individuals find the perfect place to call home. As well as commercial leasing, where we facilitate strategic partnerships for business success.

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For your safety, please ensure that all doors are closed properly when you enter the building. Do not prop open fire escape doors as this lets anybody enter the building, and gives them access to all levels.

Pool Area

A reminder that pets and glass are not allowed in the pool area.

  • In the event of an emergency please see below contacts:
  • Fire – Call 000
  • Security – Emergency 000
    • Intruders, resident breaking rules, loud music, incidents of theft, regarding noise – Ozi Security – 1300 075 098
      NB: If issue is relating to a resident apartment the cost will be on charged to the resident.
    • If kids are in the pool area, call 131 444 (Police Link)
  • Lift breaking downQueensland Elevators Lifts 3063 5901
  • Urgent building electrical & plumbing issues – Oceanside Services 07 5520 7100
    $185 inc GST 1st half hour, $185 inc GST. per hour thereafter
  • LockoutAble Security 07 3393 9500 
    Able Cost – 5pm-4.30am $297 /8am-4.30pm $250.25 
    Residents need to advise locksmith there is a lockbox onsite which they have access to to gain entry
  • Other – NPA 07 5677 0511
  1. Request
    Complete the request form.
  2. Review

    Your request is reviewed by the building management team and approval is sought by the building committee monthly.

  3. Approve
    You will be notified of the outcome, and if the request is approved, it will be scheduled with the building caretaker.

Please note chasing up building requests, will only slow down building requests due to double-ups in all requests. Residents are asked to please utilise the building request form and allow staff to respond in a timely manner as we have resolutions and information.

  1. Incident & communicate 
    Complete building report by lodging a building request & report with the button above
  2. Review

    Your incident is reviewed by the building management team and communicated to committee.

  3. Notification
    You will be notified of the outcome.

Restricted keys can be ordered through Able security via the below process at a cost of $36.81 each


  1. Complete the Able Security form (see link here), by indicating your unit number, adding your details, your billing details and your contact number. Keys will be sent to an address.
  2. Once the form is completed, please submit a building request ( click here) and attach form (NPA need to sign the form or keys will not be ordered).
  3. We will then check the authority ownership and sign sending to Able Security and will CC yourself.
  4. Please then make contact with Able Security to arrange payment to you directly.
Please allow 7-10 days for Able to process your request.
Fobs and garage remotes can be ordered through the building maintenance request form at a cost of $40ea for a Fob and $125ea for Garage remote. 
  1. Transfer funds to NPA Realty BSB 062900 ACC 11172164 with a reference of your last name and unit number. 
  2. Complete the building maintenance request form (click here) noting your reference and attaching payment receipt.
  3. The request will be processed and your fobs will be placed in your letterbox once complete.
Please allow 7-10 days for the team to process your request.

1) Complete move in request by selecting time that works ( See link above)

Move in times 7.00am- 11.00am / 11.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Friday

  • Please note we will have a caretaker onsite who, so if residents need to use elevator to get to their level they can speak to resident or caretaker. 
  • We ask all residents where possible to use fire stairs when move ins are being performed 

2) Attend site on allocated date with removalist  

  • As tenants will be living onsite and may need to use the lift we ask that if urgent residents contract the resident moving in by calling 0420 102 733 . This number is redirected to residents who are moving in at their allocated time

What will happen if my removalist or delivery truck is late during my allocated time?

Priority will be given to the person allocated at the specific booking time. If you’re late or don’t finish within your allocated time, you will need to book in a time  in the next available time.

Residents are asked to complete the Building Request Form (Link above)  to notify us that they plan to move in or out. Please complete request by notifying us details as well as date and time. Once a request is lodged we will email to confirm that move in is approved, based on availability of lift. We will then ensure on the day that lift curtains have been place up to protect the lift.
On moving day
Please utilise the Lift with the padding, to keep lift at your level while loading or unloading please place a box in the door. 
Move in trucks can be parked in the no standing landing zone. Please allow room for bins to be picked up 


Developer – Pask
Contact: nevpask.com.au

Builder – Hutchinson
[email protected]

Building Management – NPA

We will update you once we have confirmation.

Sign up with  Origin Energy, see link for documents – click here 

Please contact Strata Dynamics for pet application form.



Priority will be given to the person allocated at the specific booking time. If you’re late or don’t finish within your allocated time, we will endeavour to continue your move-in at the next available time.

We have allowed for small items to be delivered for residents by having move ins finishing at 3:30pm each day. Please speak with your delivery company and request that delivery be after this time. You can then utilise the elevators with padding to move 1 off items into your apartment.

Hutchinson Builders has engaged DLP Manager as a transparent and convenient tool for residents and property managers to log and track any concerns that may be experienced in the apartment for the duration of the warranty period.

Once an item is logged in DLP Manager, Hutchinson’s maintenance team will assess and action accordingly, as well as providing a handy platform where you will be able to communicate directly with the team and subcontractors along the way.

If you have any queries regarding the platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email [email protected].

More Fobs can be ordered, as per above process.

All residents are reminded to park in their own allocated park/s.  We note that some cars have remained in non-allocated parks, and if this persists we will arrange for the cars to be towed at the owner’s expense.

Please refer to your Strata Dynamics Welcome Pack for information for how to access a copy of the by-laws. These documents are sent to each Owner as soon as we receive confirmation of ownership from their solicitor. If you didn’t receive these please contact Strata Dynamics.

This will be held in 4-6 months from settlement being September with Strata Dynamics communicating in the coming weeks,  please see the Welcome Pack for information on joining the committee. These documents are sent to each Owner as soon as we receive confirmation of ownership from their solicitor.


Under forms, you can find the link for lot improvement applications (which over bonnet storage for the car parking spaces would fall under)

When Strata receives a completed application, they has a look over it and then forwards it to the Committee for consideration. 

Please complete Pet application form and email it to strata dynamics, this can be found on their portal.


Please contact your agent to arrange keys and welcome pack, these are scheduled to be handed out on settlement date with a team member onsite from 10-2pm.

Rubbish Removal

Each resident is responsible for the removal of all rubbish associated with their move-in including; packing boxes, bubble wrap, paper wrap, furniture and appliance boxes etc. Please remove your rubbish and DO NOT throw it in the communal bin. There will be a cost charged to any residents who dispose of moving materials in the communal bin.

1800 468 586 (1800 Got Junk)

No call out charge for quote, can remove the same day if you are happy with the quote. Prices are based on volume.

Open between Xmas & New Year.

Gold Coast Rubbish Removal 0404 909 242

Prices would be between $200 – $300 depending on amount of rubbish.

Open between Xmas & New Year.

Man & A Ute 0405 697 793

Prices start from $180 per ute load.

Open between Xmas & New Year.

The Team


Tony Rogers




Gary Bagg

Facility Manager

[email protected]


Josh Goulding

Principal & CFO

[email protected]


Andrew Erwin

Sales Agent

[email protected]

Building Request & Report

    All requests will be reviewed by our building management team and if required will seek approval from the committee.

    Please allow 5 business days for your request to be processed.

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