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The Gold Coast has long been a place people dream of calling home. With more people moving to South East Queensland than ever before, land and property are in demand, triggering many property owners to ask “how can I sell my property to a developer?”

It’s a great time to be asking this question, and NPA Projects, property acquisitions specialists, are here to support you in this journey.

“The Gold Coast is experiencing unprecedented demand for new build apartments, with limited supply in the pipeline. If you’re wondering if your property might be suitable to develop, there’s never been a better time to capitalise!”

Sam Watson

NPA Acquisitions Manager

Ways to Sell

There are a number of different options to consider when selling your property depending on your own individual circumstances.

The most common options when negotiating a land sale with a developer are through option agreement, list price or a joint venture.

Option agreements are agreements that allow developers to secure the purchase of a property, at the same time as they they do their due diligence with feasibilities, planning and council requirements.

Generally, under a property option agreement you, as the seller (vendor), can secure a premium price for your property from a reputable developer (buyer) who will complete the project and settle the purchase of the site.

As part of this option agreement, the vendor and buyer agree to a sale price and you, as the vendor, will receive an option fee (as negotiated). The buyer will then pay the full price at the agreed timeframe as outlined in the option agreement, usually between 6 and 18 months.

If the feasibility, planning or funds for the development can’t be secured within the agreed timeframe, the buyer forfeits the option fee, which you will retain, and both parties walk away.

List price is equivalent to a ‘standard’ property transaction where the vendor and buyer agree to a sale price. In this case, the developer (buyer) agrees to pay the agreed price in cash at settlement. It is common for this type of transaction to have lengthy settlement terms or conditions, such as being subject to receiving a development approval.

In a joint venture, or ‘JV’, one person contributes the land and the other person carries out the development. It is common for the developer to pay the development costs and for the parties to share in the proceeds once the developed products (lots) are sold.

  • You, as the landowner, provides the land
  • You, as the landowner, provides the developer and its consultants with access to the property
  • You, as the landowner, grants the developer a power of attorney to execute joint venture documents
  • Costs to be determined on a case-by-case basis as to who pays for what. For example, does the landowner continue to pay for rates, water, land tax and other property outgoings through the development and the developer pays for the development approval, construction, sales, and marketing.

There are a few common ways to deal with the development fee or profit sharing as follows:

  • Each party receives a set percentage of the profit from the development.
  • The landowner is paid a set amount for contributing the land and the developer receives all profit above the land amount.
  • At completion of the development, the landowner receives a new completed product equivalent to the agreed land value amount.
  • At completion of the development, the landowner receives a new completed product, plus a cash balance to the agreed land value.

Each JV agreement is customised to suit the parties involved in the transaction.

Love where you live already?

Many home owners love where they live already and don’t necessarily want to move or give up their amazing view.

This is a great example of having your cake and eating it too!

Case Study: The Clifton Family

The Monaco, Main Beach

The Clifton family are moving house but not changing address. Mr Robin Clifton, who has lived in Main Beach for more than three decades, said he didn’t want to move unless he could find a new home with a similar location and views, so he was thrilled with the opportunity to own a new apartment on the same site and elevate his lifestyle.

“We are really looking forward to the move. My daughter Maya is excited we are staying in Main Beach – she loves it here and she does not want to move away from her school friends”, Robin said.

“The Monaco is unique – it’s the only new apartment project to be built in north Main beach in many years, and its position means there are views from all levels of the building across the Broadwater, Southport Yacht Club, park and ocean which will never be built out.”

Robin Clifton

What's Next?

Keen to move forward?

Here’s your next steps.


Contact Our Team

Reach out to one of our Acquisitions Team to discuss your property. It’s important we understand what your motivation is to sell, and what you are looking for in terms of sale price expectation, joint venture opportunities and other items that are important to you.



We will conduct research on your property and the surrounding properties and assess its development potential to make sure we’re presenting your property to.


Developer Chats

We will liaise directly with our developers and gauge their interest in the site, to understand what they need for this to be a successful development opportunity.


Initial Offers

We will put together a formal offer for you, ensuring we find the best ways to help you maximise your land.



On acceptance of the offer, our team will provide support and conduit for negotiations between you and the developer. 

We’re here to ensure both you and the developer get the wins you are looking for!

About NPA Projects
Property Acquisitions Specialists

NPA Projects is a local Gold Coast based company active within the residential property market.

We work closely with land and homeowners looking at potential opportunities and the best way to sell their property as a development opportunity. We are not like a typical real estate agent, and we don’t list established properties for residential sales.

NPA Projects work with local and national property developers who produce quality projects.

We pride ourselves in matching the right property developer to the right site and location to produce the best product for the area.

In addition to our property acquisitions focus, NPA Projects also run a Sales and Marketing division for new projects where we exclusively promote and sell off-the-plan apartments to the retail market. Acting as a non-bias conduit for negotiations between the landowner and the developer, you can depend on our team to work hard at ensuring the best outcome for you and your family.

Why NPA Projects for your property acquisitions?

Local Real Estate Agents

Established Property Sales
  • Ability to list your property.
  • Understanding of your local area.

NPA Projects

Property Acquisitions Specialists
  • Ability to list your property.
  • Understanding of your local area.
  • Have a network of developer clients looking to purchase development sites for new projects.
  • Specialists in off-the-plan projects from site acquisition through to settlement of new building, creating a lasting long term relationship.
  • Understanding of the different selling options you have and able to walk you through each step along the way.
  • In-depth property development understanding.
  • In-house town planning expertise.
  • Close relationships to Gold Coast City Council and Queensland State Government.
  • Feasibility and profitability modelling.
  • Appraising your property based on existing and yet to be established developments.

Who we've worked with

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Chief Financial Officer

Sam Watson

Acquisitions Manager

Andrew Erwin

Chief Executive Officer

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