Every project and client is unique, but our objective is always the same. We craft intelligent, dynamic campaigns that deliver quality responses and targeted customers for the developers and projects we partner with.

We are not just a marketing agency or collection of sales agents. We are a strategic partner who comes alongside to support you achieving your objectives and delivery of your unique project goals.

At NPA Projects we’re committed to creating opportunities to deliver results.

We help identify the next development opportunity, define the key target audiences, and build out your pricing strategy based on matching data, technology and human insights built off decades of real estate development experience.

We build strong, insightful strategies to shape your project identity and bring your brand to life through form, colour and type. Through print, videography and photography we help create designs which highlight your project and achieve your objective.

Launch your projects and brand with confidence through our strategic marketing and sales development including social media management, promotions, campaigns and unique targeted events.

We plan, develop, and execute effective campaigns that meet your vision and deliver results. From prospect generation, effective lead usage, CRM management and reporting – our campaign process is one based on performance and return.

We bring end-to-end results backed experience to the off-the-plan sales process, with an experienced sales and contract administration team, we support customers through the journey through to settlement.

Our Experience



Management of Developer Segment

Introducing developers to


NDS Creative
(Purchased by REA Group 2014)

White label creative agency & consultancy

Servicing 200 Developers Nationally
Creative Ad Agency Full Service Digital


Full service advertising agency

Strategy, brand, marketing & Salesforce


Delivering property buyers through the sales and marketing funnels.

Social Media lead generation for new projects sales teams.


NPA Projects
A full service project marketing and sales solution for small scale beachside residential projects.


NPA Commercial
Project marketing and sales for modern warehouses and workspaces.

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