NPA specialises in a diverse range of real estate services. From beachside and beachfront off-the-plan sales to the resale of established apartments from our exclusive projects, we excel in connecting clients with their ideal homes.

Our expertise extends to building management and residential leasing, ensuring individuals find the perfect place to call home. As well as commercial leasing, where we facilitate strategic partnerships for business success.

We help identify the next development opportunity, define the key target audiences, and build out your pricing strategy based on matching data, technology and human insights built off decades of real estate development experience.

We build strong, insightful strategies to shape your project identity and bring your brand to life through form, colour and type. Through print, videography and photography we help create designs which highlight your project and achieve your objective.

Launch your projects and brand with confidence through our strategic marketing and sales development including social media management, promotions, campaigns and unique targeted events.

We plan, develop, and execute effective campaigns that meet your vision and deliver results. From prospect generation, effective lead usage, CRM management and reporting – our campaign process is one based on performance and return.

We bring end-to-end results backed experience to the off-the-plan sales process, with an experienced sales and contract administration team, we support customers through the journey through to settlement.

Our dedicated team ensures the highest standards of care, addressing a wide array of needs to guarantee a well-maintained and secure environment for all stakeholders. From common areas cleaning to garden and lawn maintenance, including pool cleaning and waste management, we pride ourselves on meticulous upkeep. Basement cleaning, regular security and fire system inspections, and effective contractor management are integral to our services, ensuring your property remains pristine and secure.

We facilitate clear and prompt communication with tenants, promptly reporting issues to the Body Corporate. We schedule regular inspections for mechanicals and fire equipment. Scheduling skilled tradesmen as required, arranging maintenance, and maintaining a defects register for common areas are all part of our commitment to thorough and proactive management. Our adherence to a robust Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Policy and Procedures ensures a secure and compliant environment for all. 

From cleaning and maintenance to inspections and communication, our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions for a secure and well-maintained environment. Whether it’s common areas, gardens, or pool facilities, we pride ourselves on meticulous upkeep. Our services extend to effective contractor management, room bookings, and regular equipment inspections. 

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REA GROUP (realestate.com.au)

Management of Developer Segment

Introducing developers to realestate.com.au


NDS Creative
(Purchased by REA Group 2014)

White label creative agency & consultancy

Servicing 200 Developers Nationally
Creative Ad Agency Full Service Digital


Full service advertising agency

Strategy, brand, marketing & Salesforce


Delivering property buyers through the sales and marketing funnels.

Social Media lead generation for new projects sales teams.


NPA Projects
A full service project marketing and sales solution for small scale beachside residential projects.


NPA Realty
Property leasing and building management.

Cabana, Palm Beach – Caretaker.

Hemingway, Palm Beach – Building Management.

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