What buyers need to know about The Monaco: Five minutes with Ignite Projects director Josh Foote

The 24 level, glass-wrapped tower designed by Rothelowman will home just six half floor apartments, 17 full floor apartments and a double storey penthouse.

The Monaco is the set to take centre stage at Main Beach on the Gold Coast when it’s completed at the end of 2022.

The 24 level, glass-wrapped tower designed by Rothelowman will home just six half floor apartments, 17 full floor apartments and a double storey penthouse.
Urban sat down with Josh Foote, managing director of Ignite Projects who are developing the building, to discuss the project.

JR: What are the highlights of The Monaco and what do you think will attract buyers to the project?

JF: The Monaco offers a level of luxury rarely seen in apartments on the Gold Coast. We offer the ability to customise large sections of the 388m2 apartment to really make the home perfect for you. Every buyer can completely design their own dream kitchen, with the expertise of our interior designer on hand.

JR: Why did you choose to target the ultra-luxury buyer? Did you see a gap in the market?

JF: I saw the emergence of some ultra-luxurious apartments in our capital cities and realised no-one was delivering this level of project apartment on the Gold Coast. We have some amazing houses here, but the downsizers were selling these and had no comparable apartments to move to. I wanted to offer the next level for apartment living and really raise the bar for Gold Coast apartments.

JR: What did you like about the site?

JF: I just felt like Main Beach was ready for its resurrection and the renaissance was imminent, so I had my focus there. When this site popped up, I knew it offered the best of both the Marina and ocean views and the best thing is the views will never be built out. It ticked so many boxes for a sellable high-end location.

JR: What was the brief for Rothelowman?

JF: Celebrate the views. Bring the ‘wow’ and push the design limits of a 6-star luxury hotel.

JR: Why the name ‘The Monaco’?

JF: The name refers to a number if elements that all relate the principality of Monaco. When anyone thinks of Monaco they think of luxury and that is what our building will always have with the quality we have invested and the calibre of our buyers. The original idea with the sky garage and sports cars tied in with the Monaco Grand Prix and even now the calibre of the cars that will be parked in the garage will still reflect the style and quality of European motor racing.

JR: Who do you think will be most interested in The Monaco?

JF: Our current buyers come from all parts of Australia but they all have one thing in common, a taste for quality and style. This building appeals to people who are looking for a really high level of quality and something that is quite unique from other projects. They will, like The Monaco, stand out from the crowd.

JR: What made you choose the Gold Coast after success in New Zealand?

JF: I was looking for a change, and a location that had good project opportunity, great weather, friendly people and an amazing lifestyle, which is hard to find. I’ve travelled extensively all over the world and there are very few places that match the GC.

JR: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

JF: After the recent sell-out of Cabana in Palm Beach and the imminent sell out of The Monaco, naturally I’m looking for another project, especially in the current climate. It’s a competitive market out there right now but there are a couple of great beach front sites I’m working on. It’s all about the sand for me.

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