The Monaco Construction Update – March 2024

We’re thrilled to share the latest progress at The Monaco, Main Beach, bringing buyers closer to the completion of their new home. Here’s a snapshot of the exciting developments happening across different levels:

Elevator Operations:
Our two passenger lifts are now fully operational, streamlining access throughout the building. 

Ground Level Landscaping:
Transforming the surroundings of the residences, the hard landscaping efforts have commenced, including the installation of footpaths to enhance the accessibility and aesthetics of the ground level.

Level 25 Amenities:
On the 25th floor, significant milestones have been achieved. The pool spray was successfully completed on 13/03/24, accompanied by the positioning of AC chillers and ongoing progress with the gas hot water installation. Moreover, studwork framing to walls and ceilings is now 95% complete, bringing us closer to the finishing touches.

Interior Installations Highlights:

From level to level, buyer’s future homes are taking shape with remarkable progress:

  • Level 24: Studwork framing is complete, and high-level service installations are finalised.

  • Level 23: Plasterboard sheeting is nearly complete, with plasterwork setting at 90%, creating defined spaces within each unit.

  • Level 17: Floor and wall tiling are near completion, with doors now loaded onto the floor.

  • Level 16: Tiling work continues, accompanied by progress in robe and vanity joinery, and the installation of kitchen kickers.

  • Level 15: Joinery installations are well underway, with balcony decking in progress and appliances ready for placement.

  • Level 11: Timber flooring installation is advancing, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere, while unit joinery is nearing completion.

  • Level 10: Significant strides have been made in kitchen and bathroom installations, with stone benchtops and splashbacks nearing completion, and appliance installations underway.

  • Level 8: Timber flooring is installed, and stone benchtop installations are progressing, adding sophistication to the interiors.

  • Level 7: Defect rectification is in progress for stone benchtops, while kitchen joinery and appliance installations are nearly complete.

  • Level 6: Builders clean in progress

  • Levels 4 and 5: Defect rectification is underway.

  • Level 3: Planters are filled with soil, contributing to the landscaping of the project.

We’re immensely proud of the progress McNab has made and are excited about the prospect of welcoming buyers to their new home in the near future.

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