Expression of Interest

Buyer(s) full name, address and contact details to appear in contract

Buyer One:

Buyer Two:

If Company or Trust - Name and Address of Buyer Guarantor (s)

Buyer's Solicitor's Details (Name, Address & Contact Details)

Contract Conditions

Settlement shall be 14 days after written notice given that the title has been issued for the proposed lot.

Deposit Details:

Initial Deposit

Balance Deposit Amount

The deposit will be fully refundable to the buyer if the buyer does not proceed to purchase the proposed lot, otherwise the amount paid can be applied towards payment of a deposit upon a formal contract of sale being entered into by the buyer and the seller. If the buyer does not sign and return to the seller the signed contract of sale within 5 business days of the buyer receiving a contract of sale from the seller or the seller’s agent then the seller may re-list the proposed lot for sale without any further reference to the buyer and any deposit paid will be refunded in full to the buyer. This document does not constitute a binding agreement for the sale or purchase of the proposed lot and no legal rights arise between the buyer and the seller in relation to the sale and purchase of the proposed lot until a formal contract of sale has been entered into by the buyer and the seller.


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